Industries Served

EcoTech partners with a wide range of businesses in the industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and nuclear sectors. Quality, reliability, and affordability are always at the forefront of our minds. Our team is manufacturer-trained on the latest processes and equipment, so we can help recommend solutions for any situation, while maintaining pricing that allows you to stay within – or under – budget.




Engineered Solutions For All Your Industrial Needs

Oil & Gas Industry

Pumps & valves are essential elements for a wide range of operations in the oil and gas industry. The production of oil, gas, and other petroleum products is often met with many physical, environmental, and regulatory constraints, which is why it’s important to have expert engineering support both before and after implementation.

Whether you’re in need of pumps or valves for transportation of petroleum products, chemical processing, injection, or wastewater handling, we’ve got you covered! Our team, led by engineers, will work with you each step of the way to ensure proper equipment selection and installation, as well as helping to identify potential “pain points” or points-of-failure in the process that could become costly in the future if ignored.

Chemical Industry

The chemical processing industry encounters many challenges when handling extremely hazardous materials, and operating equipment in notoriously harsh, corrosive environments. It is critically important for chemical process equipment to reliably operate at peak performance in all aspects of handling, including flow rates, temperature, pressure, and more.

Whether you’re dealing with organic materials, inorganic materials, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical-grade materials, biofuels, or anything in-between, making the proper equipment selection can be the difference between operating safely & profitably or creating a catastrophic safety/environmental disaster. The experts on our team are here to help you make the right decision for your specific processes, to save you time, money, and maintenance.

Mining & Aggregates

The mining industry presents some of the harshest environments for industrial equipment performance and maintenance. Abrasion, corrosion, and scaling are just a few areas of concern to consider when choosing your equipment. One common mistake we see made when selecting appropriate equipment for mining operations is failing to look deeper than the cost of the equipment itself. Making the wrong selection here often leads to costly unscheduled maintenance, additional expenditures for replacement parts, or the worst-case scenario of unexpected downtimes in operations.

Whether you need help selecting appropriate automatic lubrication equipment, submersible slurry pumps, slurry valves/seals, AODD pumps, or anything else related to your mining operations, our team is ready to assist and make proper recommendations based on your exact needs and specifications!

Power Generation

Ensuring peak performance in power generation processes begins with selecting the proper equipment that can handle the demanding conditions. Power generation facilities utilize primary energy sources like coal or natural gas to convert mechanical energy from generators into electrical energy for consumer transmission & distribution. As demand for power continues to increase around the globe, the need to maximize performance and efficiency in power plants also grows.

EcoTech’s engineering team can assist with proper equipment selection for all aspects of the power generation industry. Working together with you, we strive to understand the complete scope of your operations to recommend solutions that will keep your equipment running for critical processes, minimize downtime, prevent process failures, and ensure proper maintenance procedures. Our high-performance pumps, valves, seals, and automatic lubrication are among the best in the industry, while remaining competitively priced to meet your budgetary needs.

Sanitary Markets

EcoTech offers high-end, state-of-the-art equipment made specifically for sanitary applications in the manufacturing and distribution of products intended for human consumption or animal consumption. These markets have stringent requirements for hygienic operations, and include products such as pharmaceuticals, dairy, food & beverage, food additives, cosmetics, pet food, and more.

With safety at the forefront, our team can help you with selecting equipment for all areas of your sanitary processes that meets strong standards for FDA compliance, while also remaining reliable, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with clean-in-place (CIP) and service-in-place (SIP) options.

Nuclear Power

Reliable design and operation of equipment, facilities, and processes is critical for nuclear plant safety and remaining compliant with international certification standards such as those of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) as well as the RCC (Regles de Conception et de Construction).

From pumps and valves to double mechanical seals, our experts can help with the selection of equipment that has been engineered and manufactured for a wide range of applications in the nuclear industry, including feedwater, wastewater, steam dumps, diversion & conversion, and more.