High-Performance Material

FFKM O-Rings
(Perfluoroelastomers )

This ultimate FFKM material structure provides reliable sealing performance for every environment, including those with extreme chemical and thermal requirements.

Application Environments


Chemical Process

Outstanding performance in extreme temperatures, combined with broad resistance to harsh chemicals makes Simriz® seals the ideal match for nearly every application in the chemical process industry, especially where low temperatures or strong acids & bases are expected.


Power Generation

In addition to protection against a wide variety of harsh chemicals and stability in steam and hot water, Simriz® seals offer outstanding resistance against rapid gas decompression (RGD) in high pressure applications at a competitive price.


Oil and Gas

Simriz® seals are designed to withstand severe operating conditions and exposure to harsh environments found in the oil & gas industry. Resistant to extreme acids & bases, rapid gas decompression, steam & water, and capable of high-temperature operations up to 260 ˚C / 500 ˚F.


Food & Beverage

Simriz® 484 offers broad resistance to harsh chemicals as well as high temperatures, making it the material of choice for Food & Beverage applications. Meets 3-A® sanitary standard, FDA compliant, and USP class VI compliant.



Simriz® 486 is a high purity, white color material that provides broad resistance to harsh chemicals and exceptional temperatures. FDA compliant, and USP class VI compliant.



Simriz® Z7257 is well known in the aerospace engine market. It offers extensive flight testing in high temperature aerospace applications. The newly developed Simriz® 501 is designed to exceed the requirements of AMS7257. It offers superior O-ring lifetime and reliability.

The Ultimate FFKM Material

Designed for thermal stability and nearly universal protection against the chemical elements, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ proprietary family of Simriz® Perfluoroelastomer compounds offer outstanding sealing performance.

Simriz® stands out with its broad chemical stability, like PTFE, combined with the rubbery-elastic qualities of an elastomer. Simriz® FFKM’s are used wherever extreme safety standards apply and high maintenance as well as repair expenditures exceed the costs of the seals. Freudenberg is vertically integrated back to the monomers to provide unparalleled material performance, cost competitiveness and speed of delivery.

Why Choose Our O-Rings

In-House Engineered Monomers

Starting with internally supplied monomers, Freudenberg-NOK is the only fully integrated O-ring manufacturer.

High-Quality Polymers

Freudenberg-NOK makes their own FFKM polymers from directly sourced monomers, for improved quality.

Superior Performance

Patented cross-linking technology allows for the creation of tailor-made compounds, with best-in-class temperature and chemical resistance performance, without any compromises.

Cost Efficiency

Global capabilities and vertical integration means major cost-saving benefits that benefit your bottom line.

Express Lead Time

Most common FFKM sizes are stocked to help expedite orders. This means fast, reliable service on our O-rings, delivered whenever and wherever you need them!

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