The EagleBurgmann BestFlow is a temperature-controlled “money-saving valve” for double seals on which the barrier water connection extends directly into the seal chamber, e.g.

Load Monitors

For critical and environmentally sensitive pumping applications, magnetically coupled, “sealless” or “canned” pumps offer a number of clear advantages. But, since the bearings are

Low Voltage Motors

Low voltage motors including IEEE 841 Chem duty, Explosion Proof, General purpose TEFC. Various different manufacturers depending on the application and process details. Ranging


Valve positioners are devices used to increase or decrease the air load pressure driving the actuator of a control valve until the valve’s stem


Shredders and grinders can be installed into industrial process pipelines to reduce the size of damaging solids in sludge, slurries and waste materials. An

SPA Barrier Pressure Unit

Barrier pressure units of the SPA range perform all the functions of a barrier system essential for operating double seals (circulation and cooling of

WDK Heat Exchanger

WDK5120 heat exchangers are used to cool process/barrier fluids in seal supply circuits. The heat exchanger has a wound double helix around the guide