Pulsarlube EXPL


The Pulsarlube EXPL is a specifically designed electromechanical lubricator for the exclusive use in all applications where the explosion-proof certified devices must be used under all explosive gases or dusts exisitng environments.


The Pulsarlube EXPL electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is the industry’s first highest explosion-proof certified in industry and can be used safely in the area classified as danger zone. It boasts the best operating pressure (60bar) among existing explosion proof single point automatic lubricator and it excels at cost savings using an economical service pack that can be easily replaced. The circuits and parts of the Pulsarlube EXPL are designed based on the energy limitation concept by adopting a non-sparking, explosion-proof structure that keeps an electrical device from sparking an explosive gas whether it is working under normal or certain abnormal condition.


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